Campus advisory committee

The Campus Advisory Committee is composed of WSU faculty and staff interested in and supportive of the Center's work, who assist and advise the Director concerning new projects and opportunities related to research, teaching and public or university service.

Robert Ackerman
Lisa Alexander
Khari Brown
Ronald Brown
Richard Chakrin
Randall Commissaris
Kevin Deegan-Krause
Dellashon Di Cresce
Heather Edwards
Jeffrey Farrah
Nahla Hamdan
Barbara Jones
Saeed Khan
Sharon Lean

Lawrence Lemke
William Lynch
Barry Lyons
Alisa Moldavanova
Nadejda Marinova
Pariedeau Mars
Marick Masters
Carol Jean Miller
Mbodja Mougoue
Alper Murat
Daphne Ntiri
Anthony Perry
David Pitts
Jeffrey Ram

Brad Roth
Alvin Saperstein
Yumin Sheng
Fran Shor
Brad Smith
James Statham
Guy Stern
Susumu Suzuki
William Warters
Monica White
Marvin Zalman
Marilyn Zimmerman